The girl that I am not..

Now that I am mother of two beautiful little girls, I feel like I have a purpose in my life. From deciding on what they will eat, dress & play, I pretty much own their individuality. And no, I am not the only mother who is obsessed with their kids, believe me there are many more in this tribe – Perfectly Imperfect.

I would like to describe this term.

I remember as a kid, me, my brother & my cousins used to get discarded ice from  the ice factory behind our house and make Popsicle and eat. The most unhygienic waste ice Popsicle used to taste better than any gourmet ice-cream. Today, when my elder daughter wanted to eat orange bar ice cream, I just could not say yes. Why? Well,..first of all it could lead to cough & cold, may be result in fever….or it may result in swollen tonsils. Yeah, weird, but I take into account every possible outcome.

What is it that stops us to let the kids have fun like we used to. Our parents were equally concerned but they let us be. So why is it that every time my kids want to pick up stray pup, play in mud or simply run too fast, my heart drops thinking worst of possibilities. As kids, we used cycle for hours on roads, eat nonsense street food, drink water from anywhere and it was so much fun. My kids carry hand sanitizer to the playground and my maid is within 20 feet’s distance when my girls are cycling.

This control for their well being is getting into their way of having plain simple FUN. I am trying to be a perfect mother but this is actually being imperfect! I would have dwell on this topic more but i need to check few symptoms on net. You see my younger daughter said she doesn’t want to have dinner after having a bag of chips. What could be the reason…


4 thoughts on “The girl that I am not..”

  1. Fantastically written!
    Very few can potray a circumstantial problem and also make you chuckle a bit while reading it.. 🙂
    A good checkpoint for me as I strongly doubt that I will end up having the same parental approach as you do.
    Congratulations on your well conceived blog.

  2. 2 things: first, because there are many mothers that are obsessed with their children doesn’t make it a good thing. You should try to find more to balance your life. Secondly, letting the girls get a little dirty is good for developing their immune system. Life can be an exciting adventure with many lessons to learn on the way. Great blog!

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