Adventures of a Lift Traveler

Last Thursday, me and my husband went to office together. There was this person in the lift who was talking real loud on phone and till the time we reached third floor, we knew his name, reason why he got late and that he had loose motions :-). The idea of writing this blog hit me and here I am, writing about the interesting set of people we encounter inside the lift.

There is always a man who only has one question for everybody inside the lift: “Which floor?” He is the type that gets upset if you have already pressed the button. Throughout the journey, he will stand next to the buttons. He is also the guy who presses the >< and <> buttons to close or open the lift whenever necessary.

 There is one person who runs an eye over everybody in the lift.It can be a Man or a Woman. There are various parameters on which such people evaluate you – which company you could be working in, single or married, how much you could earning, how much does that shiny shoe cost etc. Mostly a man, this person’s job is to stare at anybody who enters the lift. A stare back doesn’t discourage this guy. Mind you, he doesn’t just stare at women….men also end up being his target. Basically he is trying to make contact with any of the life form

You may also encounter a person who usually wear heels, dark trousers with light colored shirt, has a scarf around her neck and is holding a file or a diary; not to mention the branded, big handbag or laptop hanging from her shoulder. She steps into the lift with a few clicks of her heels, and sets the adrenaline rush amongst the men inside. This girl is drenched from head to toe in perfume. If you see a man missing second floor in spite of pressing the second floor button of the lift, there are very high chances that there is a perfume woman inside the lift.

There is an interesting character who avoids all eye contact when inside the lift. If you notice, they will take out their handkerchief and play with it, then stare at the fan or AC vent on top, then look at the buttons, stare at the floor indicator at the top of the lift etc. They will do anything to avoid eye contact with you, even looking at their own shoes. For some odd reasons, these type of people always get emails when they are in the lift. And when they don’t have emails to read, they would snap out the mobiles from their pockets and send out a few SMSs.

There is always a man who takes it upon himself to trigger the lift door’s sensitivity by placing his hand next to the door till everybody isn’t inside completely or hasn’t gone out completely. He is the fatherly figure to every lift traveler.

Lastly there are people who are goofballs like me. We stand with our back to the door till we reach our destination floor. Opening or closing of the lift doesn’t help in changing our orientation. Just to re-ensure that I am not Dyslexic. I am the type who imbibes all of the above characters and still act as this is the  first time we have entered an elevator.

Which type are you?

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