Give my family back to me Modi Ji

Hello People!!!  My name is Coco and I am a 2 year old Labrador retriever. I had to tell my story to everyone as I am experiencing sudden change in my human family’s behavior. They have become mean and miser overnight. They are tensed and on the edge for a week now and keep blabbering the name of someone called “Modi”. Dad & Mom both sit and have long conversations on something called demonetization. Whatever it means, but surely it has something to do with human behavior. The same set of maids, who were so happy with Mom are now talking behind her back. Yesterday, I heard one of them saying, ” She surely has it but won’t give us”. Even I saw quite a few 500 & 1000 Rs in her purse. Why would Mom not give them money? She has always helped them for as long as I remember. She is turning away Doodhwala and Presswala also.

Maybe we have become poor. Has Dad left his job!!! Oh my God. Yes!!! For three days he has not been going to office. He is spending all his time standing in queues of Banks. I want to know whats happening. I got some answers today morning. While walking me, Dad was talking to someone on the phone. He was saying that even after all possible efforts he could exchange only 4500 Rs into new currency. Rest he had to deposit into the account. Thanks to  Modi Ji’s initiative of demonetizing India, cash crunch has effected every household. The step took everyone by surprise.

Along with mentioning all the difficulties he was facing , he was also saying that Modi Ji’s masterstroke of discontinuing India’s most used currency denomination would mean more people disclose their real incomes and pay taxes, which is good for the government’s reserves . Only few percent of the country’s population pays income tax currently. This upsurge in cash will help the government hopefully to spend more on education, health, and housing.  People will take digital & plastic money into consideration which is a progressive step towards developed economy and corruption free nation. Indian small businesses typically rely heavily on cash for their day to day operations. Though the small and medium size businesses are finding it difficult to pay daily wages and raw material costs, the situation is temporary. But it will be a tough few weeks for them.

I don’t understand, even after so much of difficulty, why my human parents are supporting Modi’s decision of demonetizing big currency notes. They are of opinion that the step was taken to control the menace of black money and corruption in India. And that they are willing to bear a little inconvenience for a better future of the country. Well I guess things will become normal in few weeks and my family will again become generous and joyous.

I have learned it from my family that no  progress  of  a society , race  or  country   is possible without  appropriate Change  but at the same time it is inherent in  human nature to resist any  Change, as people are more concerned about what they lose in such change than what they gain out of such change. So here are two parting thoughts from me to ‘Modi Ji’ for this nationwide hoopla-

One : Some immediate steps are necessary to ease the current situation. The supply and replenishment  of 2000, 100, 50,10 rupee denominations need to be taken on a  top priority basis so that delays in normalizing the bank activities be minimized.

Two:  Till normalcy in the banking  is restored, proper observance should be maintained to counter any rumors spread by political motives and monitor the availability and easy supply of essential commodities to the poor.

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  1. Genuine canine problems arising out of human activities charted out by brilliant economists. However the expectation of the pets should be taken care of side by side aongwith the human difficulties which are so loudly being presented by politicians from different part of the country. Iam sure Coco woul;d form his own party if the polticians of other parties do not care to address their genuine problems.

    Ihope better senses prevail in days to come.

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