Little Girl

I said, Oh Mother I want something to eat

And you had said with big eyes

Your little brother is yet to sleep

My dear, just wait for a while

Why don’t you go and play outside

Stay around don’t wander afar

Also keep the front door ajar

Pressing the gurgling stomach, walking on the brown grass

I looked out for a friend, she studied in my class

No one was out to share a story

Moon was shining with all its glory

How much could I had talked to myself

My thoughts wandered and so did I

Saw colorful flowers at a distance under that tree

Thought how beautiful will they look in your pleats

Oh Mother with my small hands

I picked up those petals for your hair

Red Pink Purple and Blue

All of them just for you

As I was about to turn around

A hand came and grabbed my mouth

That scary black shadow took me away

Disregarding my pleas and shouts

I called out for you.. but my voice was suppressed

What happened next I may not readdress

For it was much more worse than hell

Won’t be able to take that pain again

He hurt me where I can’t explain

Oh Mother…breath was low…life was in jeopardy

How can one have intentions so lowly?

Where were you Oh mother…didn’t you hear my plight

Why didn’t sweet brother sleep early that night

You might have cooked some sweet delight

And must have come out to see where was I

Your heart would had sunk when you didn’t find your little doll

She might be around! You might have thought

But your sweet pie was not here anymore

Like those flowers I was crushed to the core

My hands, my legs, my body; were behind that door

It’s just that my life was no more

Oh Mother! I was no more….


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