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We recently had the opportunity to visit Simlipal for a short trip. Simlipal National Park is situated in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Honestly, we were not expecting too much from this trip, but we were pleasantly surprised by the abundant nature and simplicity of the place. I don’t know how many of you have heard the name of Simlipal, but the forest area is one of the largest in India covering 2750 km (1,060 sq mi)

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Simlipal, which is adorned with lovely flora and wildlife, gets its name from the Simul Tree of Bengal. The Simlipal region, which is proud to be the largest wildlife sanctuary in India, was a crucial component of the Tiger Project in 1973. In terms of both faunal diversity and biological diversity, the Simlipal National Park is a gift from nature. Simlipal, which borders the Santhal Tribal village, offers us a full ecosystem that is favourable for flora, animal, and human habitat. This region is a traveler’s heaven since it is filled with plateaus, meadows, rushing rivers, waterfalls, and lush forests. It is nothing less than a gift from nature.

In addition to having the highest concentration of tigers, the Simlipal National Park is also home to elephants, leopards, Sambar, barking deer, hill mynah, more than 300 kinds of birds, and 60 different species of reptiles. Most of the trees in this area are Sal and Simul trees. Simlipal is the epitome of nature’s beauty with its National Park.

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are..

We stayed at Lulung, Aranya Nivas which is one of the finest jungle resorts here. Parked at the banks of Palpala river, the resort offers beautiful view & services. Rooms at Lulung Aranya Nivas are laid out well, and simply and tastefully furnished. There are vast green spaces enclosed by the forest. Experience comfort, luxury, wildlife beauty as you will be cuddled and pampered by nature. This is a no network zone and they do not offer wi-fi also. We gained a lot from this digital detox. We walked, cycled, trekked, saw waterfalls, dams, played with kids. It was a refreshing change from the routine life and forced digital detox helped in rejunivating the minds.

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    1. Thanks 😊 Please do visit. The place is heavenly. Wasn’t expecting much but what natural beauty !! Also the roads are super smooth and scenic till you reach the jungle.

      1. I will surely 😃 Though I did click and saw your posts roughly…looks so interesting. Your writing is also very impressive. Will go through in detail in leisure. So good to connect with you.

  1. You did a beautiful job on this post. I didn’t get through the entire video, but are you actually walking around with tigers, elephants and other wildlife running loose? That seems a little scary and you didn’t look one bit stressed about it. It’s amazing that in such a populated country, there could be such a huge land area of wildlife. The earth is amazing. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. If you like travel blogs you might like my Australian friend, Carol, the Eternal Traveller.

    1. Thank you Marsha. You are so sweet 🙂 No we were not walking with wild animals. Our resort was in buffer zone and we did not venture out in evening hours. India is amazingly beautiful, I wish you come here and experience yourself. Will surely check out The Eternal Traveller. Cheers!

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