Pratapgarh Fort – Explore the Rich History and Majestic Beauty

The Battle of Pratapgarh took place on 10 November 1659, at Pratapgarh Fort in Satara. The battle was fought between the Marathas forces led by Chhatrapati Shivaji and the Bijapur troops under General Afzal Khan. The Marathas emerged victorious, marking their first significant military triumph against a major regional power.

A Walk in the Unknown

The fog rolls in like a blanket,Covering the hills and the valleys,Drowning out all sound and sight,Creating a world of its own. The road ahead is shrouded in mystery,A winding path that leads nowhere,Or perhaps everywhere. It’s a place to get lost,To forget about your troubles,To simply be. The air is thick with moisture,The smell …

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Most Amazing Sunset in Aravalli Hills

A beautiful experience which can not be expressed in words. Do watch the video. In a world where technology often consumes our daily lives, finding quality time with loved ones in the lap of nature becomes an invaluable experience. One such memorable adventure awaits those who embark on a hiking journey with their family amidst …

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rain in a park hitting the surface of a pond

Rainy Weekend

The rain has finally ceased, its symphony now gone, And I step out to witness the aftermath of the storm. The streets are damp and glistening, with puddles reflecting light, And the leaves of the drenched trees, sparkle with new-found might. The air is cool and crisp, with a fragrance of earth and rain, And …

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