A Walk in the Unknown

The fog rolls in like a blanket,Covering the hills and the valleys,Drowning out all sound and sight,Creating a world of its own. The road ahead is shrouded in mystery,A winding path that leads nowhere,Or perhaps everywhere. It’s a place to get lost,To forget about your troubles,To simply be. The air is thick with moisture,The smell …

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Bougainvillea’s Lesson

A vivid, vibrant flower, the Bougainvilliea blossoms with a beauty that is both captivating and inspiring, offering a glimpse of the beauty of nature.As life can be filled with uncertainty, the Bougainvilliea stands tall in its faith and resilience, providing us with a reminder of the strength within us all. Amidst my struggles with anxiety, …

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rain in a park hitting the surface of a pond

Rainy Weekend

The rain has finally ceased, its symphony now gone, And I step out to witness the aftermath of the storm. The streets are damp and glistening, with puddles reflecting light, And the leaves of the drenched trees, sparkle with new-found might. The air is cool and crisp, with a fragrance of earth and rain, And …

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