person standing using red umbrella

Ramblings on a rainy day

It has been raining incessantly since last night. Can’t help but write these brilliant lines by Robert Frost

“The rain to the wind said,
You push and I’ll pelt.’
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged–though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.”

Sitting in a high rise, sipping on a cup of hot coffee, one can only romanticize the idea of raindrops falling on pretty flowers in the balcony. The reality is harsher. I look down on the “Kachcha” (mud) houses behind our complex and they are totally submerged under water. How do they see this rain. Surely not the same as me. Such is life.


A dear friend forwarded a video this morning. It was about a girl interviewing random people in Delhi about the current situation there. Though everyone in the video was aware of the ongoing turbulence, but no one actually knew what the protest was all about. As a matter of fact none could identify a certain personality, who was apparently a  convicted terrorist, eventually executed for his activities. When I watched the video again, I observed that most of the people interviewed were teenagers, “The Youth”. These teenagers have limited focus and their interest lies mostly in things which give adrenaline rush.It is said that youth are the future of India, but I must say that they are completely misguided in present scenario. Indian youth are highly influenced by electronic media. Media these days has remarkable talent to intertwine an established fact with a blatant lie to present a self baked misleading statement that at best, only serves their personal and political agenda. Hence they become soft targets of people trying to harm national interest. These young innocent minds can be easily manipulated and provoked.

As a citizen and as parents it is our duty to direct the youth through proper communication and channelizing their potential energy in right direction. Books have thousands of years of wisdom in them. They make the character of man who is the strength of a nation. It would be a mistake to underestimate the positive power of books. They can be a rewarding source of escapism when events in the real world are too hard to bear. Children learn valuable lessons about different cultures and histories. Identification with literary characters enables the development of empathy and understanding. Such traits are of vital importance for the unification of ethnically diverse communities such as in our country. People who read from an early age develop passion for learning and a curiosity for the everyday wonders of life. They are able to adapt better to the situations and come through the tough times.

A positive, learned and focused youth is what India needs today. A youth who can not be taken for ride by anyone with hidden motives; and a youth who embraces diverse opinions, without being judgemental.

The girl that I am not..

Now that I am mother of two beautiful little girls, I feel like I have a purpose in my life. From deciding on what they will eat, dress & play, I pretty much own their individuality. And no, I am not the only mother who is obsessed with their kids, believe me there are many more in this tribe – Perfectly Imperfect.

I would like to describe this term.

I remember as a kid, me, my brother & my cousins used to get discarded ice from  the ice factory behind our house and make Popsicle and eat. The most unhygienic waste ice Popsicle used to taste better than any gourmet ice-cream. Today, when my elder daughter wanted to eat orange bar ice cream, I just could not say yes. Why? Well,..first of all it could lead to cough & cold, may be result in fever….or it may result in swollen tonsils. Yeah, weird, but I take into account every possible outcome.

What is it that stops us to let the kids have fun like we used to. Our parents were equally concerned but they let us be. So why is it that every time my kids want to pick up stray pup, play in mud or simply run too fast, my heart drops thinking worst of possibilities. As kids, we used cycle for hours on roads, eat nonsense street food, drink water from anywhere and it was so much fun. My kids carry hand sanitizer to the playground and my maid is within 20 feet’s distance when my girls are cycling.

This control for their well being is getting into their way of having plain simple FUN. I am trying to be a perfect mother but this is actually being imperfect! I would have dwell on this topic more but i need to check few symptoms on net. You see my younger daughter said she doesn’t want to have dinner after having a bag of chips. What could be the reason…